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Thread: Magnum/H50 crossover episode is coming

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    There is a big flap about the upcoming H50/Magnum crossover coming up in a few weeks.

    In an H50 season 3 episode several years ago, the cast members were seen singing the theme song from Magnum (the TV show from the 80s) in a helicopter, but in this crossover, Magnum is now "real." Read about this here:

    Of course, I am annoyed that I have to watch some Magnum show as well as the H50 part of the crossover (I haven’t seen one episode yet of the Magnum remake, very few of the old one, TBH). AUGH!!!!!

    Here are some more explanations of how to deal with this crossover. One of them is based on a Twitter posting I saw.

    "The song in the helicopter was a REALLY long time ago, and they WERE singing about a TV show, but in the interim, in the current TV universe of H50 and Magnum, some guy whose name was Magnum decided to emulate the 1980s TV show in every way and came to Hawaii and set up shop as a private investigator."


    “I know there is a big clash here, but I LOOOOOVE #H50 SOOOOOOO much (especially DANNNOOOOOO!), so I don’t care.” :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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    *sigh* I will skip (big surprise there) this.

    However, I was entertained by the comments on tvline and one that stood out (I'm paraphrasing): "That's the Plot hole you found!?"

    As far as the Twitter comments you shared Mr. Mike: I agree with the second one as long as we're talking about the original I know they're not so there's that

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