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    Oops! I missed again

    Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of Leopard On The Rock. It's not near one of my favorites but there are a couple of things I really like.

    For starters, when the limousine tries to leave airport grounds (Kono is posing as the hated dictator who had to land in Honolulu in the back seat of the car); Danno has to get out to persuade the protestors to move their human blockade. The way this happens makes me laugh every single time. Danno slyly gets the crowd to close on him toward the side of the road allowing the police escorts and limousine to drive past without anyone getting hurt! It's classic Danno in action

    As well, one of the protestors is Mickey played by Tim Donnelly and it took me forever to figure where I'd seen him before! For one, his brother was Dennis Donnelly who directed 6 episodes of Five-O. For the other, he's more well-known as Fireman Chet Kelly from Emergency! He was the one always ribbing the paramedics!

    Besides a cool chase with the fuel truck, there's not a lot more I like about this episode but it is the source of some later stock footage used in Five-O.

    Happy 50th! (even though it's a day late)

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    Professor Savang committed conspiracy to commit grand theft, at a minimum, no matter his motives. Also I don't know if the felony-murder rule applies to attempted murder and actual assault, but the two thugs knocked people out with drugs on his behalf, as well as shot at McGarrett entering the room. I don't think Savang has any shortage of legal troubles stemming from this affair, along with Kolfax.

    Not a bad episode. As you say not the most exciting, either. I like the scene with the daughter attempting to murder Kono / the fake dictator.


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