Happy 50th to "The Devil and Mr. Frog"

Mr. Mike has a great review of it here: http://www.fiveohomepage.com/5-0log2.htm#35

Once again, not one of my favorites but we see the Five-O team in action as a team. McGarrett and crew have been working with Gainham (William Zuckert) to help get his kidnapped son Scotty (Geoffrey Thorpe) back. Scotty has managed to escape his kidnappers but only after the ransom of $300,000 is paid. Mr. Frog winds up dying at the bottom of a cliff, not from the fall as he was chasing Scotty but rather being shot by his partner "The Devil" aka Gibbons (Frank Marth). As the episode progresses, it becomes about the money: Gainham wants it back and "The Devil" is trying to unload it. In the end, the bad guy is killed and Gainham gets his money back. However, there are highlights.

For one, there's Tot Kee (James Hong) and his secretary Missy (Melody Patterson). This pair is kind of creepy if you think too hard about it but they are a highlight of the episode. I think it's because there seems to be more there than meets the eye between the two and they are constantly conspiring on something!

Another is the sarcasm: one scene in particular I recall (it's been awhile since I've watched) has Gainham all ticked off in McGarrett's office as McGarrett and Danno are looking over files. Gainham demands to know what Five-O is doing to recover his money. McGarrett merely looks up and Danno says something to the effect they're looking for the devil, meaning the other kidnapper. They both know the guy can't sit on the money forever and he's going to be tempted to spend some of it. During another scene, they tell Gibbons the same thing.

Between the bluffs and the tailing they figure it out. As McGarrett says at the end, "the case is closed." Happy 50th!