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    The lead character in this Swedish thriller show is a woman named Inger Johanne Vik, a criminal psychologist and profiler who has previously assisted both the Swedish police and the FBI in the United States. She is divorced from her husband and has two daughters, one of whom is autistic and given to having visions of bad things. Vik works with police detective Ingvar Nyman, who is also divorced and the two develop hot pants for each other.

    The show is in two "series," each with 8 episodes.

    In the first series, there are a lot of characters getting knocked off in the beginning, so it all becomes very confusing, though like with the Israeli drama Hostages, things eventually get explained. There is this super evil villain, a former United States Marine, who is going around killing homos of both sexes (since Scandinavia is a modern-day Sodom) as per some crazy formula established by a crackpot church in the USA. Some of these killings are very nasty.

    The dead body of one of the guy's victims, a Swedish woman who is not gay at all, but helping him with his deeds, is taken to a waste disposal plant where there is seemingly no one working. He puts her body on a conveyor belt which he then knows how to operate from a nearby control room; this conveyor belt dumps her body somewhere (you are not shown where).

    The end of the show jerks you around endlessly by putting characters in situations which you think are bad, but they really are not. For example, the autistic daughter and her not-autistic sister decide to run away from their father's place where they have been taken for safety. I think the father's place is far away from the mother's house but the two girls attempt to return home, except this seems like an endless journey through creepy forests, dark roads, etc., etc. based on directions which the autistic girl has memorized. Stupid!!

    You see the evil guy driving through the forest and the girls get picked up and you figure he picked them up, which would be very suspenseful and horrifying, but you soon see that it is not Mr. Evil who picked them up, but some nice woman, kind of a Good Samaritan type. Later on, the evil dude does manage to get from somewhere far from Vik's house to her place in a relatively short time frame, where he tries to murder her, but she has the last word, stabbing him several times with a knife. Despite this, you see the guy being taken away in an ambulance at the end of the show, and he is still alive!!

    In the second series, which takes place 4 years after the first, Vik and Nyman are now pretty close to each other, since she is massively pregnant with his kid.

    The major happening of this series is that the US President (played by Kim Cattrall), who is visiting Sweden, "disappears." This is connected with some potential scandal over her daughter, who was adopted rather than the president's own child, which all dates back to when the president and her husband were in Sweden many years before. Anyway, this part of the plot didn't bother me that much -- for four and a half of the show's 8 episodes, it was actually pretty good. But then the whole thing goes to shit.

    Vik is so pregnant she will probably have her kid in a few days. Despite this, she can track the president down to where she is being held captive in some abandoned cement factory in the middle of nowhere which is due to be demolished with explosives any minute now! Though her stomach looks like a balloon, Vik can climb up and down hills and move the president around when she locates her (the pres is malnourished and dehydrated from her ordeal, etc.). The building is blown up at the end, but of course Vik survives and so does the president.

    There are suddenly a bunch of crazy plot twists at the end of the show, which got more and more ridiculous. I think there were also serious issues with topography, i.e., how can characters get from one place to another in mere minutes.

    Complicating things for Vik is this guy from FBI who is a Special Advisor to the president. He is an oily guy, and a real asshole. Vik worked with him when she was in the USA, and they had a relationship which ended with him raping her and beating her up very badly. As a result, she is not too crazy about seeing him or working with him. This guy gets his comeuppance at the end of the show, when the president makes him the assistant ambassador to Albania as a "reward" for his services.
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