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Thread: Blind Tiger turns 50!

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    Ooh! I'm on time for once!

    Tonight, Blind Tiger ushered out the 1960s and brought in the 1970s. (Happy New Year everybody!)

    This is really interesting episode and a chance for the team to step up and shine. Mr. Mike has done an excellent review:

    An aggrieved father (Robert Edwards) plants a bomb in McGarrett's car trying to kill him but only injures him. As matter of fact, McGarrett is blinded and thus part of the title. He doesn't like it one bit but reality sets in quite quickly. As Mr. Mike points out, the bombing and investigation is one aspect, the other is McGarrett's struggle with his new reality and an ensuing relationship with Nurse Edith Lovallo (Marion Ross). Because of this depth, this is a pretty cool episode to watch and gives us a peek at the type of person McGarrett is and to a lesser extent, the type of people his team members are. It's not perfect by any means, but it's pretty good.

    There are a few scenes that stand out to me: at the hospital, Danno is focused on finding who is responsible and lists everything that needs to be done to find answers and protect McGarrett because they're running with the assumption the person will try another hit (they're right).

    The interactions between McGarrett and Lovallo are awesome showing us that other aspect to McGarrett and how his stubbornness gets him into trouble. He hates asking for help but has no choice in this case. Lovallo is as unmovable as he is and manages to work with him no matter what obstacles he throws at her.

    Another scene that I find memorable (maybe not for everybody else, but I'm an odd duck): the conversation between Roger, his mother, Danno and Chin because they ask him where he was when the bombing happened. Roger is the kid who beat the tourist senseless and wound up in jail for it as a direct result of McGarrett's intervention and thus why the father is aggrieved. Roger doesn't seem as bent out of shape about his sentencing as much as his father and is taking things in stride even talking about a vocation. It's not a great vocation but at least he has plans for the future and not stuck on revenge. It's an interesting compare and contrast in an episode with depth.

    I find it interesting this episode is referred to later during the Vashon trilogy when the Park Lane is blown up in a spectacular fashion: Danno says something about "another one in the door" meaning the bomb was triggered by the closing of a door as it was in this episode. As Mr. Mike writes in his review, they're not overly convincing about the trigger device and how it works. However, the episode as a whole still stands up after 50 years.

    So Happy 50th "Blind Tiger"!

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    I'm a fan of classic VW's and so therefore I like this episode because the disgruntled father crook Masterson worked at a VW dealer and I love seeing all those sparkly Beetles and Buses when the crew goes there to check out Masterson. The bomb component is supposedly from a "Westfalia" which was the name of a VW Bus conversion firm that did conversions on these buses - mostly camping accessories (pop-up top for example) in that era.

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    Ha ha, I have been out-trivia'd!!

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    That's rare for you Mr. Mike! Way to go!

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