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Thread: Season 9 DVD set (no slipcover?)

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    Between S8 and S9 the packaging of the DVD season sets transitioned to cramming all six discs in one plastic case. However, I noticed there was no slipcase for S9 case that I just bought new on Amazon (unlike, S10 which did have one). Is this an error or did they really go cheap for S9 and then responded to complaints and added the slipcase back to S10? Thanks for any clarification you can provide. Anyone?

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    I just checked my set and Season 9 does have a slipcover cardboard case just like the other seasons. The photo on the case is the same as the photo on the plastic disc holder inside of it.

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    Thanks, I thought that seemed weird. Makes me wonder if Amazon just repackaged a return with a discarded slipcover and sold it to me as NEW.

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