Global TV in Canada, who screwed up the last episode (see review above), also messed up this one. Shows from Friday are supposed to be available streaming on Global TV WWW site on Saturday morning, but this episode was not available until Monday, January 6th.

Because of this, I am not going to review this show for another week or so, there is a brief "hiatus" after the next episode.

The comments below and my eventual review reflect the fact that I don't know anything about the new Magnum, and have no intention of watching all the shows just so I can get "back story" on the characters on that show.

Some things about H50/Magnum crossover which I found annoying (feel free to e-mail me via link on main page if I have erred here somewhere):

• Adam is still in the main credits; the whole sequence with Adam ("previously on," as well as Adam leaving town later) was unnecessary.
• Magnum and Higgins are at H50 headquarters, but they don't have "visitor" badges.
• McG drives the Ferrari, when he stops VERY SLOWLY, there is the sound of squealing from the brakes.
• Higgins and Tani talk about "relationships," blech!
• Quinn enhances poor quality surveillance footage; reminiscent of "A Woman's Work Is With A Gun" show from Classic H50.
• Adam is going to Japan on United Airlines; no credit at end like with Classic H50.
• The "CIA" dudes are laughable the way they are crouching, carrying their rifles, real "red shirts"!!
• "Six agents" went into house which exploded, but there were more like 9 or 10 in total at the scene.
• The music on Magnum is just as annoying as that on H50.
• Tani picks up Quinn, looks like Quinn lives in a real dump!
• "CIA" trashed McG's house, except his laptop is still in a drawer? Why wouldn't they just take it, it takes time to anal-yze a computer.
• Eddie is pissed by Higgins' presence. What this crap under his chin, looks like hair, or is it foam?
• Higgins is a geek, she can bring up some program on McG's laptop which shows where his cel phone went previously, this is stupid. Do all computers have this program?
• McG went all the way to some Christmas tree farm near Waimanalo to give Kamekona the encrypted card, why would he do this? (Higgins can figure this out.)
• This card was encrypted, I thought it was decrypted by Aaron Wright in Halawa. This is the card they got from the guy who was pretending to be a guard in Halawa. They shot him, was this before or after Wright decrypted the card?
• They go to Hong's place, his laptop is also there, why wouldn't the "CIA" take it as well?
• The guy who came to Hong's place to steal info from his laptop logged into their home wi-fi while he was there. Why would he do this? Higgins can use this login to determine the MAC address of the guy's computer which is in some registered database which leads them to the guy's house, augh! This was really laughable.
• As they are trying to track down Junior, Tani is freaking out, breathing very heavily, etc., but Quinn and Rick from Magnum are discussing Tani in a VERY loud whisper only a couple of feet away from her. Rick takes this opportunity to try and put the mash on Quinn, she tells him to forget about it.
• The ending of Magnum, similar to a "beers on the beach" finale from H50, was stupid. There were a lot of things (including this ending) in the crossover that, if they were eliminated, could have made the show fit into a single H50 hour.