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Thread: Banned episode's only airing

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    Barely made it on time but to my credit, there was a lot happening here today thanks to sub-zero temperatures.

    50 years ago tonight, the only time "Bored She Hung Herself" aired on CBS.

    Mr. Mike has done a great review:

    I've watched this a couple of times and it's not one of their better episodes and was probably a serious letdown from the previous week's classic of "Blind Tiger". As a matter of fact, I ranked the ending as one of the worst of the entire series because it's just stupid. The only episode with a worse ending (in my opinion) is from Season 12: "Image Of Fear". The music grated on my last nerve with Don Miles (Don Quine) splashing in the surf. Bleh!

    So we have another 50th Anniversary. What a way to start the 1970s.

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    I've seen a boot recording of it (the one that used to be on YT which was captured from a film projection on the wall) and it is a bad episode. It seems to play more like a Perry Mason episode where the guilty party confesses in the equivalent of a courtroom scene and that just doesn't work. And I don't think John Newland, who never directed another episode of the series, had a handle on what kind of show Five-O was (the less said about his unbilled cameo appearance the better).

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