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Thread: Original Magnum, P.I.

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    I really need to stop surfing channels

    The original Magnum, P.I. is running on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I only know this because the doggies I sit, their parents have cable.

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    Another thing I'd like to point out about the original Magnum, P.I.: everyone who was a regular Five-O detective (local, that is) appeared at least once on Magnum. The exceptions are Jack Lord (not for a lack of trying, btw), James MacArthur, William Smith and Sharon Farrell.

    Kam Fong was on it twice, Zulu once, Al Harrington once, Herman Wedemeyer once, Doug Mossman three times, and Moe Keale also three times.

    Danny Kamekona (although not necessarily a regular detective, he helped out a lot as Nick): guested six times. There were several others who guested among the stock players, but they weren't part of the detective corps.

    I've seen a bunch of these but the funniest line (so far) is from Herman Wedemeyer who played the coroner in his appearance. After he found the lack of potassium in a murder victim because they discovered Rick was fighting the same thing. Magnum tells him, "You're a life saver."..."Life saver? I'm the coroner!"

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