This episode, which is almost 51 years old now, features a strange plot where McGarrett goes undercover as a safecracker.

McGarrett going undercover here is strange for various reasons:

1) He's well known in Hawaii and would likely be recognized (in the episode, only a third party not related to the plot recognizes him, and blows his cover, but fortunately the guy who overhears isn't directly connected with the main bad guys)

2) He doesn't know for sure that the other bad guys don't have a picture of the guy he's impersonating. Also, McGarrett looks nothing like the guy (he's much taller and somewhat older).

3) He's putting his life constantly in danger, despite being the most important law enforcement officer in Hawaii.

Surely they could have found an unknown officer to do this, but of course that wouldn't be as interesting for the show!

I actually enjoyed the episode despite some flaws and plot holes, as revealed in Mike's review.

Mike only gave it two stars, but I liked it a lot more than that. It was different, and there was even an element of mystery to it. I will say that it was obvious to me that the distorted recorded voice from "The Man" giving orders was really that of a woman. The person had feminine voice inflections, so it was either a woman or a very effeminate man. It did not surprise me at all that Margi was the actual ringleader.

I was hoping that McGarrett and Swanson would get in a final fight at the end of the episode, with McGarrett winning and then booking him. It didn't happen. Instead, Swanson was taken away by ambulance after getting shot by Margi.

I give the episode three stars.

This was once a "lost" episode simply because it vanished for awhile from syndication packages. However, it eventually aired in some places, and it's now part of Five-O DVD sets. It is unclear why the episode vanished for awhile.

Antoinette Bower, who played Margi, is still alive. She was 36 at the time of filming of the episode, and is presently 87 years old. She still had a very nice body at 36, and the episode showed it off several times early on.