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Thread: (S11E20) The Skyline Killer

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    Hi, Everyone -

    WOW - I just love this site and forum ... been a lurker forever, and I think I posted once or twice.

    I am a BIG fan of the original Five-O, and thanks to the CBS app, have been binge-watching ...

    I have been living in season five, which I think is a very solid season - it is very classic, to me - it is all business, McGarrett is full-on, dry McGarrett, the computer is magical, etc.

    Just on a whim, I skipped to season 11 - I love the later seasons of shows ... weird things happen!

    So, after laughing at Mike's review of "The Skyline Killer," I watched it, and was not disappointed!

    Going from season five to this was jarring - the show has gone from being a '60's serious procedural to a ... '70's cop show

    McGarrett is WAY to impressed/baffled with this skyline guy - and when he is thinking about the crime, and/or his reactions, he is like saying what his thoughts are - a very odd departure from the classic Steve!

    It is almost like this episode is trying hard to sell itself; this crime is gripping, and amazing! As such, all of that "it grabs you" vibe of the earlier seasons is lost.

    McGarrett is fully communicating and bouncing ideas off the writer, as if he is a member of the team!

    McGarrett's verbal spatting with the writer earlier on is pretty good, though - and Steve hates writers.

    The writer's wig is awful

    The daughter is cute

    Some cool suits in this one (and ties) - at one point, Steve and Danno are like the template for Crockett and Tubbs! The zebra shirt rocks, too.

    Steve says that the food looks good in that bar scene?! He is just WAY TOO HUMAN in this episode (ha ha)!

    I appreciate being able to share ... thanks!

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    Okay, I just finished this episode, and WOW, that whole sequence with McGarrett becoming a full-on action hero! It almost plays out like a scene from the new show.

    He HANGS his way up underneath the elevator ... he runs right out onto the crane ...

    What would have he done if he caught the guy up there, anyway? Why couldn't he just stay on the ground? The dude would have had to come down sooner or later.

    I really cracked up when mid-crane arm, in the air, extended between buildings, Steve shouted out his credentials to the operator guy: "McGarrett! Hawaii Five-O" He used the word, "Hawaii," which seemed to not be needed.

    Why didn't Danno take to the building, and try to get up there somehow? He just had to give those reaction shots.

    Finally, the shots of Steve on the edge of the building, when not seen with his gun, reminded me of Superman ... very Superman, to me.

    Thanks for letting me share this stuff ...


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    Honestly, I think the scene with McGarrett standing atop the under construction high-rise was a planned final shot of the series. This episode was the second to last to be filmed of Season 11 and from what I know, CBS was late in picking up Season 12 which led to a whole bunch of other stuff. Anyway, between this episode and The Execution File, which was the last to be filmed for Season 11, there were a couple of 'final' shots. In the Execution File, the Marquis Brougham drives out of the shot in a blur and that's the last we see. Now whether this was the last scene filmed in the episode, not sure because scenes are filmed out of order.

    In my opinion, this is why we see the 'Superman' shot of McGarrett on that high-rise with Diamond Head in the background. It was the end of an era.

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