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Thread: Though The Heavens Fall

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    People who think I am too mean to the H50 reboot at the expense of the original show should check out this review :

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    It's an excellent review as always Mr. Mike and I think you covered everything well.

    I despise this episode because there's too much there that if a little effort went into some things as we saw in previous seasons, it might have been an all right episode. As it is, it seems the care factor was nil, the chemistry that made the series to that point was gone and showed just how much the end was overdue. The Five-O team was pretty much non-existent in this episode with everybody going every which way and then there's the kidnapping of the dude from his house...I still say if Danno was around, that guy would have been in jail! I shudder to think of how things would have played out if the casting was different, but that's just me.

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