50 years ago tonight, CBS aired S02E19: The One With The Gun. (and I'm on time for once!)

As usual, Mr. Mike has done an excellent job of reviewing this episode, including the good, the bad and indifferent here: http://www.fiveohomepage.com/5-0log2.htm#42

The premise is Peter Corman (Steve Logan) is shot and later dies after he finds a poker game he was in was rigged from the start. His brother Lorenzo (John Colicos) arrives in Hawaii to find out who killed his baby brother. Lorenzo was a former enforcer and served time, he's not somebody to mess with. He and McGarrett tangle more than once but it all boils down to Lorenzo knowing something McGarrett and Five-O don't: Peter's killer is left-handed. As a southpaw myself, I always find this interesting even though Jack Soo of "Barney Miller" fame didn't pull it off so well in this instance. I get it, it's tough to pretend to be left-handed when you're a righty and vice versa.

Not one of my favorite episodes and the two-star rating Mr. Mike gives it I consider fair. Again we have a great premise but the execution leaves something to be desired. There are pluses too with Julie Gregg playing Peter's wife and a great scene with Josie Over giving Danno the nickname "Danny the cop" when he asks her for some information in trying to figure out how the games are set up.

Happy 50th!