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    I can't believe a reboot episode got 4 stars, too bad they can't keep it simple. It seems to have worked really well.

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    It has 3 stars now, I downgraded it because "it really doesn't have anything to do with H50."

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    I didn't enjoy this one as much as Mike (and apparently others) did.

    The Eddie story was stupid. I couldn't get into it. The whole thing was ridiculous to me. Three Five-Zero team members putting in extensive research (four, if you count Grover) into what is upsetting a freaking dog? Come on. Light workload that week?

    The conclusion to that storyline wasn't all that interesting either. Eddie was upset by seeing flowers which were present when his first master died. Okay....? If they really wanted to make a new episode centered around Eddie, they could have had him kidnapped or something. Or maybe just not do such a storyline at all.

    The Danno portion was much better, but eventually it grew frustrating to watch, and the ending was even more frustrating. Danno really did have chemistry with that mystery woman. I thought maybe they were introducing a character Danno could finally be happy with -- one who could even keep his whining in check. However, they killed her off before we got to know her too well, and the ending of the episode rendered a lot of the bonding and Danno's efforts to be for naught. I haven't seen the subsequent episodes yet. I hope they at least catch the guy who hit them and sped off. We got a partial license plate, but then nothing else was made of it. I hope they don't just drop that part.

    I still don't understand why they had to kill her off. Why can't Danno have nice things?

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