Today is the 50th Anniversary of "Most Likely To Murder"!

I have to plug Mr. Mike's review: (An excellent job as always!)

The case revolves around a woman strangled to death who is the wife of an HPD officer (Tom Skerritt). The problem is both went to high school with Danno who finds his loyalties tested. Danno identifies the woman as Marjorie Morgan, her husband is Lew Morgan. Because Lew's a cop, HPD and Five-O take on the case personally to find her killer.

The episode is intense because Marjorie wasn't waiting at home for her husband: she was having affairs with at least two men. One is Lonnie (Lanikai) but the second (Sam Melville) is the one everyone tries to close in on. However, when it's all said and done it's Lew who is the guilty party! He killed Marjorie and later Oliver who was her latest lover. We find out what really happened at the end when Mrs. Hadwell (Jane Adrian) comes forward with new information. McGarrett confronts Lew with the truth and Lew has absolutely no remorse saying something to the effect they both had it coming - a creepy ending. When the dust settles, Danno is left picking up the pieces that are left.

This is one of my favorite episodes as we get some rare background information on Danno (he played baseball in high school and had a group of friends that were pretty close at that time). It's also cool to see how strict McGarrett is about the law, seen best after one of the first times they question Lew about what happened. The scene in the car outside the house sets a tone for the episode and really the series.

I also like seeing Tom Skerritt in some of his earlier roles as there was another when he appeared in "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" as a werewolf. Many people know him from his turns in "Alien" and "Contact". He's one of those actors that's fun to watch, regardless if he's a good guy or a bad guy.

Happy 50th "Most Likely To Murder"!