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    2 things. Firstly, I thought the kidnappers wanted 3 million dollars. Why did he send them 10 million, even if he expected it back. Secondly, who played the ex girlfriend Maria? She looked familiar. Have we seen her before?

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    Near the beginning of the show, Harry originally said he had a "seven-figure book deal," which means some amount between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999. Danno asks Harry if someone gave him a "million" dollars for his book, and Harry replies it was "two million." Later Harry says it was a "million dollar advance." After Harry gets the actor impersonating him to transfer the ten million, he says it was "all of my money." Don't ask me to explain this.

    Harry's presence in this show was totally unnecessary in my opinion. Why would he suddenly show up at this Oahu Literary Festival to hype his book? And the business about the impersonating actor was stupid. Obviously the guy was going to get kidnapped! Harry tells McGarrett and Danno "MI6 regulations state that I can't appear at any of these book events, in case my face ends up in the papers," but, DUH!!, Harry >is< at one of these book events, where someone could easily take his picture with a cel phone camera or whatever. Stupid!

    The press release for this show says, "Harry Langford helps Five-0 investigate a series of murders that follow the plot of a fabled unpublished crime novel from the 1920s." But did he? I think Harry was much more concerned with his own book and the guy getting kidnapped.

    The very attractive Maria (picture below) was played by Eva De Dominici, who is not mentioned in the IMDB cast list for the show, but is in the CBS Press release. I suspect she is from Argentina, because she has appeared in a lot of TV shows from that country. Never appeared on H50 before and only one Hollywood production, it seems.

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    By the way, here is my review of the show:

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    I mostly agree with Mike regarding Harry's presence on this episode.

    That whole story was bungled. There were so many ways they could have brought Harry into an episode, where he would use both his Bond-like charm and skills to assist Five-Zero in a tough case. Instead, he simply gets himself into an easily foreseeable mess, and fails miserably in solving the situation. As has already been pointed out, Harry oddly transfers $10 million to the crooks when all they're looking for is two million. Then, instead of having Tani and Junior show up at the door while the bad guys have their backs turned, he actually transfers all the money, only to THEN have the bad guys arrested. But wait! He has a girlfriend stop the accomplice picking up the $10 million and simply take the bag of money (in a laughable scene), and then she double-crosses him! Harry seems only slightly bothered by the whole thing, as if he just lost pocket change, rather than his life savings.


    I was hoping that maybe we'd see a final scene of Harry tracking down his (now-ex) girlfriend and deftly recovering the money, but instead we got an ohana segment at the end, with Harry surprisingly cheery for a guy who just lost $10 mil.

    As Mike pointed out, the entire premise for Harry to be on the island was absurd, and he was placing the actor he hired in incredible and obvious danger.

    Also, the two villains in the Harry story were incompetent amateurs. How were these two chumps such tough opponents for him?

    Talk about a complete misuse of Harry! He looked like a bumbling fool, not a dapper MI6 agent!

    One more word about Harry's actor, Chris Vance. I always felt he was too short to play this pseudo-Bond character, especially standing next to the tall McGarrett. Vance is listed as "5'9 3/4", but to me he looks more like 5'8. All of the Bond actors were in the 6'1-6'2 range, so it just feels wrong to see the Harry character on the shorter side of average. I realize that Scott Caan is much shorter than that (probably around 5'4"), but he's supposed to be a scrappy, tough, short guy from Jersey, and that's much easier to buy.

    The crime of the week story was okay. It's laughable that Five-Zero initially accepted Kevin's alibi by simply seeing where his phone was located. It didn't occur to them at first that he could have simply left the phone in the hotel, while committing his crimes? Lame! Other than that, the story was kind of unique and a nice change from the usual.

    I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't mind the Adam/Yakuza story. At least it has some ongoing drama, and doesn't have any gaping holes yet. It's a lot better than that stupid story where Adam sprung that young woman from prison to work with him, and then suddenly acted like she was super important to him. That whole thing was an incredible mess.

    It was nice to see Junior and Tani finally kiss, though it seems foolish that they didn't kiss at some point during or after the big rescue in the Magnum crossover episode.

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