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Thread: Kiss The Queen Goodbye turns 50!

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    Yay!! On time for the final episode of Season 2: Kiss The Queen Goodbye aired 50 years ago tonight.

    Mr. Mike's review is awesome as usual:

    Joanne Linville is back in her second and last Five-O appearance as a jewel thief and killer. She offs a New York jeweler who made a perfect copy of an emerald known as "the Queen". Janet Kingston/Camillia Carver is a sleight-of-hand artist and had done time for prior jewel thefts. She's fun to watch in this episode as she plays the part in a really oily nature. Her co-hort Michael (Christopher Cary) helps her by scouting a "mark" in Thurman Elliott (George Gaynes, later Punky Brewster's adoptive dad) and poisoning the roses she will eventually give the "bride" (Kanoe Cazimero) in order to pull off the theft. McGarrett and Five-O finally figure out the switch and catch the bad guys.

    I agree with Mr. Mike is that the episode was kind of a let down for a final episode in the season. The premise was good and parts of the execution were done well (I liked the helicopter chasing Michael in the car) but others weren't as well done. I also agree the outdoor photography was great, especially at the Inn. I even enjoyed some of the coordination between the team members as they were providing security for the Crown of Polynesia.

    What really caught my eye this time was the helicopter: it was labeled "Kenai Helicopters Alaska and Hawaii". I will admit, I wouldn't have noticed as much if I didn't currently live in Anchorage! It's sad that the helicopter was destroyed a few months after filming but thankfully no one was killed in the incident. I know there are shots from the chase that show up later in the show (S04E07 Air Cargo - Dial For Murder) and it's definitely a stock shot because of that crash!

    At any rate, the second season wrapped up and Happy 50th "Kiss The Queen Goodbye"!

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    Just watched this for the first time since the '90s, when I originally saw it.

    I agree with Mike's review, for the most part. The heist itself could have been much more cleverly done by the writers. Indeed, as Mike put it, everything had to work out exactly as planned, which would be highly unlikely in real life. Most notably, the girl wearing "The Queen" gem would have to cut herself on the thorn of that tainted rose. I also found it laughable that villain Janet Kingston was able to approach the fainted girl without the police or anyone else interfering. If there were 122 cops present (plus Five-O) in order to stop a suspected planned jewel heist, wouldn't there have been tremendous security around the girl holding that super-valuable jewel? Pretty big plot hole there.

    They never quite explained what the deal was with Janet and her boyfriend/partner-in-crime Michael Olson. Janet clearly had the hots for Michael, but he never seemed interested in sex or romance with her. This aspect of their relationship was shown twice, but never explained. Is it possible that Michael was gay or asexual, and was just feigning interest in Janet so she could assist with the crime? Their backstory also wasn't explained.

    It's also never explained why broke actor Thurman Elliot is so determined to send his beloved granddaughter Amanda to an expensive boarding school 6000 miles away in Maryland, especially since she seems to be expressing reservations about going in the first place. I also found the absence of Amanda's parents to be odd, as Mike mentioned. Why aren't they paying for her school? This, again, isn't explained.

    George Gaynes, who later became better known for playing Punky Brewster's adoptive father Henry Warnimont in the '80s, was described as "about 55 years old", and looked around 60. It might surprise some of you to read that Gaynes lived all the way until 2016 -- a full 46 years after this episode aired! Gaynes was actually only 52 when this episode was filmed in 1969, and lived until the ripe old age of 98.

    Joanne Linville looked very good for her age at the time, as she was 41 when the episode was filmed. (Her character's age was never given or implied in any way.) She's also doing well longevity-wise, and she's still alive today at the age of 92.

    Christopher Cary, who played villain Mike, didn't do quite as well, passing away at the age of 69 in the year 2000.

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