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    This episode may be too appropriate for what's going on right now with the governor shutting down travel to/from the island and McGarrett going into isolation. I can't remember the last time I saw this episode in syndication.

    - Is the photo that Chin walks in of Leo Paoli also used in Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die? I haven't gone back to rewatch that episode.
    - Since the same helicopter is used for when the boys find the lifeboat and for Brown's helicopter off the island, its not clear if the helicopter is for Brown or its the police at the end.
    - I think you can see a strap for Brown's stunt hanging off the helicopter when he first climbs up. Possibly just a blur of the hand?
    - Anyone else think Tamaki looks a little like Gene Simmons of Kiss?

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    Here's a review of the episode which I posted awhile ago:

    Definitely a VERY topical episode for today, despite it being 47 years old.

    It was laughable how quickly the governor lifted the quarantine, despite the vast numbers of people who came into contact with the bad guys who had the plague!

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    Hi Brian! Yes, it is scary relevant on that episode. I will try to answer your questions:

    -I think it is the same photo. I will have to do to the same, watch the episodes and know for sure but that's not going to happen for a bit for me.

    -N9014F is the go-to Blue and White helicopter for the show. It appears in multiple episodes sometimes for the bad guys, most of the time as an HPD helicopter. It's appropriate it's in the Season 11 opening credits!

    -I don't remember seeing the strap but it wouldn't surprise me.

    -As far as Tamaki: you're right, he's pulling off a Gene Simmons look

    Todd - you're right. That quarantine was lifted pretty fast and I know that's one of the ongoing concerns now. If these restrictions are lifted too soon for Covid-19, then all the shelter in place we're doing now is a moot point.

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