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Emme Tomimbang did a retrospective-type show about Classic H50 which was broadcast around the time of the 1996 convention in October 1996 in Honolulu. This appeared on the 7th disc of the season one DVD box set. There were some minor edits in the show on the DVDs as compared to the original broadcast (I don't recall specifically what they are).

Emme did another retrospective more recently, focusing on the H50 reboot, which featured Mark Dacascos, who played Wo Fat, but also had appearances from some actors who had appeared on both shows like Al Harrington and Jimmy Borges. At the very end of this show, Lenkov was asked if the show would reach 12 seasons. He sort of hesitated, and then said "Touch wood."
Yeah, sure seems like CBS caught him (and everyone else involved) by surprise in pulling the plug now. But as you said elsewhere, maybe it's for the best since the quality had actually improved in recent seasons and they went out on a (kind of) high note --- surely no one wanted to repeat the fate of classic Five-O's "one-season-too-many."

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Emme was listed in the cast for one of the last two reboot shows as a woman with groceries, but did not appear in the show, as far as I remember. No doubt she will be in the deleted scenes on the Season 10 DVD set which reportedly will be released early in July rather than the usual September.
I also noticed there've been no reruns since the finale, maybe as part of the syndication contracts? I do wish they had not discontinued releasing the annual Blu-Ray versions after season 3 --- now I have to be content with my DVR copies of the series as broadcast, recorded over-the-air in HD, which (albeit stuck with commercials and annoying "Colbert" promos) are actually a higher quality picture than the DVD sets ...