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Thread: Psychotic villains, who is the top?

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    Now that I emerged from the tunnel of plots... I can think of other stuff now.

    After watching most of the episodes more than once, I am ready to pose a question: who do you consider the sickest, most psychotic villain of Five-O?

    Here's some I can think of:

    Eddie from "I'll Kill 'Em Again": the creep plans every detail just to get under McGarrett's skin. Like he doesn't have anything else better to do He commits suicide in the end because McGarrett and the team have bettered him.

    Walter Stark from "Nightmare in Blue": impersonates a police officer to rape and murder women but he makes the mistake of leaving one of his victims alive. This episode is tough to watch because of the subject matter but I like the fact that the team is out to get Stark leaving no stone unturned including clearing their own police officers and are sympathetic to the victim, as they should be! Stark comes across as the unfeeling predator he is.

    Joseph Trinian from "Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born": released after serving 15 years for murder that was committed in 1953, during or just after the Korean War. I know Todd put on a thread that he wonders if Trinian was actually framed. After watching the episode again yesterday (and laughing at the boom mike again!), it seems to me Trinian simply stewed while in Portsmouth. He returned to Hawaii with his revenge plot in mind. Which begs the question, was Trinian stationed there prior to Korea? Why would he go to Hawaii to begin with? And how did he know Swenson was the witness against him since Swenson/Rutgers was living under an assumed name? Regardless, Trinian is as cold-blooded as they come except to his wife Emma. Todd also pointed this out in his post, making Trinian a complicated person and that much more real.

    I'll also add Arthur from "Draw Me A Killer": He's lost in his own world with his fascination/obsession with Judy Moon. He takes out four people before Five-O traps him in a pretty ingenious way.

    It's hard for me to pick one to be at the top, but I have to put Eddie up there because he's calculating the whole time.

    What do you think?

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    Eddie and Arthur are both nutjobs. I think Eddie is worse than Arthur, because his motivation is unknown, other than hassling MISTER McGarrett, whereas Arthur is delusional, obsessed with Judy Moon, who he thinks is a real person (sounds like some people's take on McGarrett and Danno from the reboot).

    On the other hand, Trinian is very motivated, though he is still a very nasty person.

    I have been thinking about who would be the best "normal" bad guys on the show, and I think Bo Lansing from Secret Witness would be high up on the list; after all, he holds a gun to a baby's head!

    What about the Fergusons in One Big Happy Family?

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    I agree Mr. Mike, Eddie is certainly worse because poor Arthur is just lost in his mind.

    As far as some of the delusional attitudes we've seen with the reboot...I can't disagree.

    "Secret Witness" is a good choice too - the hit man having to cover his tracks, that's never a good thing. Of note, Mark Jenkins played the witness in that episode but played a turn as villain in "The Bomber And Mrs. Monroney". Joey Collins (never mind the major name flub!) was hell-bent on revenge against Danno to the point of having a bomb strapped to his chest!

    The Fergusons are in a league all their own. They're psychotic, sadistic and trashy all the way around. Poor Monica, the slowest of the bunch, was also the most 'normal'. The storyteller in me wonders what happened to her. (Did Five-O intervene on her behalf to get the best outcome for her?)

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    That's a great discussion question Bobbi - thank you. Another one that crossed my mind was Cord McKenzie (played by Anthony Zerbe) in Mother's Deadly Helper. He's an extreme vigilante and certainly off-kilter, but probably not as much as others that have already been mentioned. I think Eddie is in the running for sure, but as Mr. Mike mentioned, I think Sadie Ferguson definitely would be right up there as well - that family is way beyond just being dysfunctional and Sadie's explanations for their actions when in McGarrett's office at the end of the show really display her twisted mindset.

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    Notice that the 4 episodes Bobbi mentioned are among the best episodes of the series. It looks like twisted villains make for great episodes!

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    Sad news, Danny Goldman has passed away!

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    That's too bad. I didn't realize he was well past 30 when he made "I'll Kill 'Em Again".

    It seems that all of his guest roles were for the same sort of character, though the other ones were less psychotic than Eddie!

    I could picture him saying, "MMMMMMMMMMister Frankestein" in the below scene:

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