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Thread: The final show reviewed -- finally

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    I may have more to say about the reboot overall eventually...

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    Thank you Mr. Mike for an excellent review.

    I made an exception for the final episode and actually watched it. I think it was vrinda who said in another thread it was pretty typical of a Five-Zero episode. I will give them this, they moved along the story even if it was too fast at times.

    I even read the Kool-aid blog on this episode and not surprisingly, she cut it off when McGarrett leaves the house. There are a bunch of things I would like to say in her comments section but she simply isn't worth my time or energy.

    I bring this up because as I watched I knew there would be a sector of fans that would hate the end: Catherine going with McGarrett on the plane. The scene was a bit long but it made sense.

    I'm actually surprised none of them wound up dead, especially McGarrett and Danno. However, under that scenario, there is no opening for future reunion movies, etc. Instead, we have McGarrett flying off into the sunset to straighten himself out with Catherine's help. Another 10 years come to a close (on top of the 12 we have from the original). By the way, nice touch interspersing the original's review with this episode.

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    Just watched it tonight.

    Feels strange that the whole thing is over. Despite the show's flaws, I will still miss it and its characters.

    I didn't understand the reveal near the end. It seemed as if they were showing John McGarrett being told by Wo Fat that he's "Doris McGarrett's daughter", and then John asked Wo Fat to "never tell Steve" (even though Wo Fat was about to order him dead!)

    But didn't a DNA test a few seasons ago prove that Steve McGarrett and Wo Fat weren't related? How do they explain this?

    Otherwise, a pretty good finale which had a little bit of everything.... a tie-in to the beginning, some action, some closure, and for once a decent "Ohana" segment at the end. Plus it was implied that Steve and Catherine would be traveling the world together, looking for inner peace.

    Cole was a good character... too bad we only got to see him for 2 episodes.

    I liked when Danno ruthlessly shot Daiyu Mei's henchman while the guy was knocked out on the ground. The guy was about to execute Danno a few minutes earlier, so he deserved it!

    It's unclear why Daiyu ordered Danno executed after Steve gave up the cipher, and if so, why they didn't just waste Steve as he walked away from the exchange. I thought this whole thing was about money?

    The episode did have some homoerotic overtones between McGarrett and Danno, but fortunately they never fleshed any of that out beyond the two men just having a very close male bond, enough to say "I love you" to one another, as McGarrett prepared to leave Hawaii.

    A TV movie is definitely a possibility in the future, especially if most of these actors don't have other commitments. Maybe they could even bring Chin and Kono out of mothballs!

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