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Thread: Why the reboot stopped

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    So, I found this the other day. No surprises but what's interesting to me, are the comments on the video. They run the gamut of "I will miss this show" (I get that, a favorite show ends and you don't want it to) to the reboot sucked to a full on debate on which show is better, the original or the reboot. There is also the odd comment calling the reboot "hot garbage" and someone saying they miss Eddie already (person after my own heart, *love* doggies!). There was even someone calling Alex O'Loughlin a wimp: I'm sorry, back injuries are nothing to joke about, they hurt!

    But one thing that caught my eye: someone said Danno died in the original!? Uh, no? Story-wise it's a possibility but after watching the Season 12 episodes more than once, I don't think so. (And this is my humble opinion) McGarrett would have been off his rocker way more than he was if Danno died. Just sayin'.

    The link is here:

    The video is talking about the reboot, so I hope I put it in the right spot. Todd, please help!

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    I doubt if we will ever get to know the real truth about the cancellation (which I am very skeptical about) unless some whistleblower pops up in the future. The powers that be were falling all over themselves when the show was cancelled (with such short notice) that "it's been a wonderful experience," "everyone worked so hard," "it was a big success," blah blah blah.

    It was mentioned in this video that the ratings had dropped from when the reboot first started. If they had continued the show with someone else in charge like that new guy, Lincoln Cole, maybe the powers thought that they were taking too much of a chance considering the production costs of the show, etc., etc. I would like to know how much the ratings dropped on Blue Bloods which was also on Friday nights compared to when it started.

    One of the reasons the show was so successful on Friday (usually a graveyard slot for TV shows) was because there was no serious competition against Five-Zero. It's almost as if there was a "gentleman's agreement" with the other networks that they weren't going to run anything against it. Even if they did, and the H50 ratings were, let's say 6.0, and their competition knocked it down to 3.0, then 3.0 for their own show would still not be good enough ratings to keep >that< show on the air. So Five-Zero sort of had them over a barrel because of this.

    I dunno why they had to get this Lincoln Cole dude to replace McGarrett. I'm sure that Caan would have left if O'Loughlin left, couldn't Grover have taken over? After all, he was the boss of the SWAT team before. McGarrett could have dropped in once in a while for an appearance without any crazy stunts just to keep the fans happy.

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    My best guess was that Alex and Scott finally had enough with the series. They had both been considering leaving since the end of Season 7.

    However, it doesn't look like they were sure they were ending despite that, because Cole was brought in to presumably take over the lead of Five-Zero. Even the series finale showed that happening, with only McGarrett being shown written out of the series. Had it been renewed, they could have gone onto a Season 11 with Cole in charge, with or without Danno.

    It's clear to me why they didn't want Grover in charge. Chi McBride is almost 60, and overweight. He couldn't do the crazy action scenes, nor would it be believable even if they got a stuntman to do it.

    If I had to guess what happened, it went like this:

    Near the end of production of Season 10, Alex said, "I'm not coming back guys. Really, I can't be talked into it this time."

    They scrambled to find a replacement, and got the Cole character. They pitched it to the network as, "Young, likable guy takes over when McGarrett bows out because of being worn down from 10 tough years on the job. Cole has a military past just like McGarrett, and we will introduce him so fans already get to know and like him before Season 10 ends."

    Network executives decided to pass, which was probably smart. Long-running shows can't usually survive when the main star leaves and main character is written out.

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