Bear with me, I feel compelled to post this.

Anyway, when the Fantasy Island film came out, it was classified as a horror flick (not that I'm interested in watching that, I just remembered the show from when I was a kid). Now I haven't watched the show for several years and there was a disconnect in my brain because it had been decades. That is until this last weekend then I got it. However, the story doesn't end there.

I've been trying to track down S01E09 "The Funny Girl/Butch and Sundance" for a while and finally found it. Unfortunately, the link I found to the episode had ads literally every 5 minutes! I was undeterred and watched anyway, not disappointed in the least.

I really wasn't interested in The Funny Girl segment as much as I was interested in the Butch and Sundance part. These two buddies decide they want some excitement in their lives and decide to be Butch and Sundance (there's about a billion other things I can think to do but that's irrelevant). Now as they get started in their fantasy, another dude shows up who is obsessed with Wyatt Earp and wants to emulate him, cleaning up the Old West. Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) sends the guy on his way with a wanted poster of Butch and Sundance! Proving Mr. Roarke was definitely a sadist and I got the fact the movie fits into the horror category. When it's all said and done, Earp and Sundance nearly duel it out on the street and I was on the floor laughing.

The takeaway from the episode is the casting. Chris Connelly played Butch (he guested on Five-O in S09E18 "To Die In Paradise") and it only gets better. Butch's buddy is James MacArthur and the Wyatt Earp fan? William Smith (yes, "Kimo" from S12 of Five-O). So yes, they nearly dueled, thus why I found it really funny (probably more so than I should have). It should be noted the episode aired during Five-O's 10th season.

It's not the best television ever made (the episode is a little goofy) but I had a blast watching it.