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Thread: Interview with James MacArthur from 2007

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    What a third-rate article, and it was typical of what was being written about the show and Jack at that time. Could the writer be any more obvious that he has some prejudice against Jack Lord, without knowing anything about him and believing the rumors that have been told about him? McGarrett was arrogant? He was a chief of police chasing after murderers, rapists, drug dealers, spies, and gangsters. Does John Clark expect him to be laughing and smiling and coddling everyone around him? Not giving credit to Jack for his portrayal of McGarrett and saying what he had to make him out stand out were his sidekicks and the theme song is lame and proves the writer didn't know what he was talking about. His comments about McGarrett's sense of style are ludicrous. He doesn't the suits and ties Jack wore were stylish enough? If he watched the show, he would have seen Jack wear turtlenecks as well. Comparing him to Steve McQueen's Bullitt, who is best remembered for his car chasing, and Telly Savalas' lollipops proves what an asinine mind the writer has. It looks like James MacArthur didn't want to indulge this loser by saying too much.

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