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Thread: More shows re-viewed

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    I have almost finished re-viewing the 12th season. I went to town with "Flight of the Jewels" thanks to an e-mail from Bryan Villados, whose late father was one of the airplane technicians credited during the show.

    The only 12th season show I haven't done yet is "Lion In The Streets." I am getting "philosophical" about that one, which is a fancy way of saying I am dragging my ass.

    More recent re-views include

    "A Killer Grows Wings"

    "The Capsule Kidnapping"

    "Love Thy Neighbor - Take His Wife"

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    Keep going Mr. Mike! I'm loving them! And season 12 is almost done! Woo-Hoo!!!

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    You're going to make me have to go back and watch some of these Season 12 episodes again. I watched some last year and finally wore myself out on bad TV.

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