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Thread: Bank of Hawaii in A Bullet for McGarrett

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    Hey Mike,

    I read your review of A Bullet for McGarrett and saw the pics you posted (from Fred Helfing) of the Bank of Hawaii on Kapahulu Ave. Pictures of then versus now. Itís the scene where Beau Van Den Ecker in the truck hits Karen Adamson.

    I looked up that location and it looks like the Bank of Hawaii is now gone and instead has been replaced with a business called ďCureĒ, which sells medical marijuana. You can still see the blue awning that all the Bank of Hawaii buildings have. But now it says CURE on the blue awning. See the pic below what it looks like now. The second pic is Fredís pic Iím guessing from a few years ago. The bank was there until 2016, from what I was able to gather.
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