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Thread: Lenkov gets the chop

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    The reason why we may not be hearing much from those who witnessed Lenkov's bad behavior might be because the crew might have signed disclosure agreements when they started working for him, which barred them from speaking out about their experiences on the set. I don't know if that is customary is on TV and film sets, but it might be what happened.

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    Originally Posted by Todd View Post
    Yeah I actually forgot about Charlie's character.

    My guess is that Lenkov just decided he was done with the character, and decided to unceremoniously drop him. Kinda seems like Lenkov treated the actors like furniture, which you just discard when you're done.

    Now, this is standard practice in Hollywood (and extended Hollywood like the case here), but it kind of sucks for the actor who feels he finally got his opportunity, only to have it abruptly yanked away through no fault of their own.

    I've even seen roles dropped simply because writers mishandled the character, and there was no place to go from there!
    Funny you should say Lenkov treated actors like furniture. Reminds me of Hitchcock who said actors are like cattle. He was especially cruel to certain leading ladies of his - Tippi Hedren in particular.

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    Yikes, is this the first discussion that went to two pages?

    I think people are hesitant to say bad things in public because then they will be labelled as potential whistleblowers or blabbermouths by other companies where they apply for work.

    Here are some relatively anonymous comments after the article about Lenkov in Variety (


    CBS or any other studio for that matter don’t take any of this seriously. If they’re making money of these people they elevate them tho where they feel untouchable. I’ve worked in the industry for 30 plus years and have never worked on a more toxic show and in an industry that runs toxic that saying something. His producing crews were the most misogynistic and hateful group towards Women I’ve ever witnessed and it saturated the below the line crew as well. He should never be allowed to run another show, but some studio will hire him. Same with his producers the belonged to his “good ole boys club” really a thing. His EP’s, AD’s, Stunt Cord, ( finally canned case he was a hack and dangerous) all awful

    Examples of how to treat crew. Toxic doesn’t really tell the story on his sets. Some actors with enough power wouldn’t allow him on the set when they were in a scene. Is that the kind of human that should be running a show? Any show? Some day the HR departments will actually serve the purpose that say they are there to serve and them guys like this won’t last 20 or more years in positions of power and get let go with massive severance packages. F this guy and his group of cronies! Good riddance!


    I had the great displeasure of working for him. He took a sick, sadistic pleasure in beating writers, crew members and assistants down until they cried or puked. He is the worst. And his apology, no doubt written by a PR professional, is meant to elicit empathy for himself, but is wholly disingenuous. There is no way he didn’t realize the toxicity he caused. He should not be allowed anywhere near a show again.


    It wasn’t about the cigars (that’s just to help set the “scene”), it was about the TYPE of chatter in the room.

    I worked on both H50 and MPI. Lenkov needed an attitude adjustment and to learn how to still be a tough cookie in the industry but without all the toxicity.

    Agree w/you that people such as this shouldn’t be barred completely (unless they’re a danger). Their contributions are still valuable. IMO, they SHOULD be demoted w/reduction in salary, benefits AND ESPECIALLY POWER; and, be made to face their misdeeds/negative mindset w/the staff. Also, undergo in-depth counseling as terms of employment/contract. Firing them won’t always solve the problems, it just moves them around. These guys need Redirection, Rehabilitation, and Monitoring to produce positive results for them, those working with them, and future projects.


    I worked for him. He was a bully plain and simple. His shows were all about sunshine and ohana but he made the experience miserable for everyone. Actors, crew, post people, the writers. One of the worst reputations in the industry. This article is just the beginning of the story.


    I know several people who worked with him on various shows and I’m thrilled he has been fired. He had it coming for years, he created a toxic environment on sets, nobody had a good word to say about him as a person. Regardless of your talent it does not mean you can treat people like dirt. It’s not only woman he treated badly, it was everyone that was not part of his ‘club’. Good riddance.

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    Nope, this is the second thread that went two pages. The first was the word on the reboot's cancellation.

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