The writing team of C/H/Q has been contacted about helping with the script to the Ed Asner episode, because, let's face it, they are the only writing team that REALLY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE OLD FIVE-O!

Here is an excerpt that was e-mailed to me:

McGarrett and Danno are driving to August March's place, having the usual "cargument".

Danno (gesticulating frantically): What do you mean, this guy March wants to help us?

McGarrett (not watching the road): This guy was in jail for 35 years after [very loud music drowns out explanation as to how/why he was put there], now he is out on parole and trying to become a "respectable citizen."

Danno: Right. So don't you think it is kind of odd that [more loud music]...

Next scene: August March's place, they are already talking to March.

McGarrett: So, Mr. March, why did you contact us? Is it true that [two minutes of mindless exposition recounting the previous history of March, including video clips from the old show, again drowned out by loud music]?

March has been listening patiently, but looks totally clueless.

March (feebly): Just a minute, Mr. McGarrett, I forgot to put my hearing aid in. (He walks slowly to a dresser nearby, gets the hearing aid and plugs it in to his ear). Can you repeat that, please?

Added: Friday 09 December 2011 11:54:39 MST