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    I just rewatched S07E16 A Woman's Work Is With A Gun and Dina Hale (Patricia Hindy) is seriously crazy and not in a good way. She's a dope addict who shot her pusher in the opening scene and decides to pull off a series of tour bus holdups with two friends she met at Oahu Women's Center. The first one goes off with no problem and emboldens them to try more. The second she shoots out the windows and the third one of the accomplices and a police officer are killed. Of course in the end, five-O captures her and her surviving accomplice in an almost comedic scene where McGarrett lifts her completely off the floor and shoves her into Danno and both of them into a wall.

    So we know Five-O has had its share of psychotic bad guys, does Dina rank on your list of the craziest bad guy? Why or why not? Who else can you think of who is completely nutty giving McGarrett and his crew grief?

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    Well, most of the “nutters” on the show were men so they definitely take the top spot. But Dina is no doubt the craziest of the females for sure!

    Of course then there’s Barbara Baxley as Sadie in “One Big Happy Family” with her completely twisted sense of right and wrong. She’s psycho for sure as well but she’s definitely a more calm one, not one into doing the dirty work herself. Then there’s Beth Brickell in “Good Night, Baby - Time to Die” who throws a picture off the wall in pure rage at McGarrett at the end. And then there’s crazy Sharon Farrell in “A Capitol Crime” who’s pure nuts at the end.

    But yeah I’d have to say Dina takes the top female nutter prize!! Look at her eyes and face while she’s shooting out the bus windows! Yikes!!! She’s practically orgasming there!!! Then we get that excellent freeze frame as the commercial wave rolls.

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