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    Ok, it's a rule from another show's drinking game but could easily be used in Five-O. Stock footage is used quite a bit.

    What I didn't expect is to see some of the same footage on other shows (figured somebody filmed it with the show).

    Not the case for the shot of the airplane undercarriage. Seen about 21 times in Five-O, I've also seen it in "Magnum, P.I." (1980) with a plane landing in Honolulu as well as "Emergency!" and "Adam-12" when aircraft are landing at LAX. The footage has the airplane landing on runway 13. (The giveaway is the 13 had been repainted and you can see the old 13 still on the pavement). There's only one big problem: there is no runway 13 at Honolulu (or LAX). Oops!

    So being me, I googled it and found this:

    It can be yours for the low, low price for $65! The video lasts 14 seconds.

    For giggles, the runways at Honolulu are: 4L/22R and 4R/22L + 8L/26R and 8R/26L with the runways at LAX being 24R/6L and 24L/6R + 25R/7L and 25L/7R. for those curious, the Ls and Rs are painted on the runways too where applicable.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled forum.

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    So that begs the question, is there anyone who knows, or any way of knowing where that plane actually IS landing?

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    I know!! I think it might be Palm Springs, CA but really it could be any airport in the world with runway 13.

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    Barnzoboy - A friend did some snooping and we have possibly narrowed it down to Chicago Midway Airport!

    The problem is that they have 13 L and 13 R, not just a plain 13. I would like to get a hold of a layout or map of Midway for the same timeframe of the late 1960s just to see.

    I still find it funny that undercarriage is used by multiple shows.

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    After watching "Why Wait Until Uncle Kevin Dies?" from S6 I'd like to figure out what auto race gave us the stock footage of a race crash in which one of the victims was killed in (it's when the bikini-clad woman Danno talks to recalls that "Albert liked to race cars". BTW, contrary to what we see in Mike's write-up of the episode I don't think this was the character's father given that she uses his first name and her name if I read the credits right is "Angie" and not "Ambrose"). This is also the crash we see in "Death On Tantalus Mountain" and the tail-end of it was in the opening credits starting in S5.

    The crash looks to be an Indianapolis race car event, but it's not from an Indy 500 because the car numbers don't correspond to any Indy 500 of the era I've checked (the car designs are more of a late 1960s era as opposed to how they looked 1973-74). The doomed car is #96. Been trying to find a reference source that can help on that, though I hope it wasn't a case of using an actual fatal race crash for that purpose.

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    That's a good question. I remember seeing a blip of a race prior to the crash and it looked like some sort of drag race but with the editing, it could be two separate incidents and the explosion staged.

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    I think I've just stumbled close to the truth but I need to study a little further. In 1968, Johnny Rutherford, a future three-time winner of the Indy 500 drove car #96 in five races on the USAC Indy car circuit that year, and crashed in two of them once at Hanford, CA and then at Phoenix. The other car seen in the footage in "Uncle Kevin" before the crash is car #5, and that year #5 was the car of Al Unser (who went on to win four Indy 500s). The Phoenix crash is described as an incident where Unser's engine blew and dumped oil and Rutherford spun and crashed and then several other cars piled into Rutherford causing a more serious fire. Rutherford was pulled out with burns on his hands. This is *close* to what we see in the footage except there should be other cars hitting #96 before the big explosion I think. I can't find an independent film of the Phoenix race yes for confirmation but this is so far a good possibility. The USAC race charts for 67 or 69 might yield something even more definite but I think this is definitely footage from a USAC Indy race.

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    The bikini woman in Uncle Kevin, Angie, is played by Frances Asher, who is also the member of the hippie commune in The Clock Struck Twelve who breaks down when the woman who was beaten badly dies in the hospital. Those are the only two parts she has in the series (pictures below). There is a reference in The Computer Killer (S07E15) to "Miss Ambrose," who I assume is the bikini woman, so her name is likely Angela Ambrose. As to her referring to her father by his first name, I don't think that is anything unusual.

    (I tried editing pictures below, one of them got duplicated, no easy way to fix this...)
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    So.... I wonder how Seattle feels about filling in for LAX and Honolulu!!

    The airport is Boeing Field, Washington for the undercarriage shot!!

    In trying to look up some stuff for Mr. Mike, I searched for some 707 information. And found this: It's a longer version of what I found earlier and the sixth video down on the left. This is 1:13 in duration.

    What got me was the tags including "take off again". The video is a touch and go and then it hit me. It has to be Boeing Field because that's where Boeing builds and TESTS their airplanes. While the runways are currently 14/32 (with L and R), at the time of the video it 13/31 with no L and R. That's what happens with Earth's magnetic field (the runways were changed in 2017) but I don't know when the second runway was installed. The Wikipedia page for Boeing Field is here:

    And for more fun, go five more videos down at Getty Images and you'll see the video used for the takeoff in "The Ninety-Second War".

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