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Thread: What is the best season "24"?

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    I know Ringfire will respond to this!

    I just finished rewatching season 5, which I binge-viewed in about 3 days. I had found this cheaply at some thrift store a long time ago and finally got time between re-viewing Classic H50 episodes to check it out.

    I had forgotten (SPOILER COMING) that this is the season where Audrey 's father drives off the cliff, which I thought was a pretty stupid move when I saw this season originally.

    However, in terms of fingernail-chewing moments, season 5 is definitely up there, and regarded by many as the best season ever.

    I am hoping to rewatch season four soon, except the copy I ordered from some Amazon Canada seller on July 21st still hasn't shown up yet, curses!

    I have fond memories of season four, especially the gravelly-voiced Shohreh Aghdashloo as the mother of Behrooz. Some Wiki site says that the actress had issues during the filming of this season with Kiefer Sutherland, who -- by the way -- is talking about reprising his role as Jack Bauer in recent newspaper articles (the guy is 53 years old now!!).

    My interest in season four has nothing to do with the fact that Lenkov was involved with it as Executive Producer ... really!!

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    Season 5 is definitely a nail-biter and generally considered to be the best season. It’s also the season that walked away with all those Emmys. Best drama, best actor, etc. Though it’s hard to tell whether it won all those Emmys because the voting committee really thought it was the best season, or whether it was simply because by that point the show had become a major critical and commercial hit. I’m also a big fan of season 4 because that was the season that hooked me. It also sets things up really nicely for season 5, including the introduction of many new characters (Bill, Edgar, Audrey, Secretary Heller, Walt Cummings, and especially Charles Logan!).

    It’s a tough call to pick my personal favorite. I’m a huge fan of seasons 1 and 2 because that’s where it all began, with all the great characters like David Palmer, Mike Novick, Aaron Pierce, George Mason, Tony, Michelle, Nina Meyers, and who can forget Sherry Palmer???

    But season 5 is also up there. So it’s a tough call.

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