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Thread: Another phrase meaning "very crappy"

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    From Urban Dictionary:

    nuke the fridge

    Nuke the fridge is a colloquialism used to refer to the moment in a film series that is so incredible that it lessens the excitement of subsequent scenes that rely on more understated action or suspense, and it becomes apparent that a certain installment is not as good as a previous installments, due to ridiculous or low quality storylines, events or characters.

    The term comes from the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in which, near the start of the movie, Harrison Ford's character survives a nuclear detonation by climbing into a kitchen fridge, which is then blown hundreds of feet through the sky whilst the town disintegrates. He then emerges from the fridge with no apparent injury. Later in the movie, the audience is expected to fear for his safety in a normal fistfight.

    Fans of the Indiana Jones series found the absurdity of this event in the film to be the best example of the lower quality of this installment in the series, and thus coined the phrase, "nuke the fridge".

    The phrase is also a reference to the phrase "jump the shark", which has the same meaning, only applied to a television series instead of a film series.

    This phrase is not in common use.

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    Yep this phrase has been in use since the film came out back in 2008. I actually saw the film in the theater. Yikes!!

    The real face palm moment, however, came at the very end when the mountain falls apart and out of it emerges a flying saucer with aliens and everything. That’s when you knew the series REALLY nuked the fridge!!!

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    The part that makes me crazy at the beginning of that movie: there was no way to get out of the fridge from the inside.

    The models made at the time could only be opened from the outside and why so many kids were dying inside of them when they hid in them playing and no one knew where they went!

    Just sayin' ... but it doesn't change the phrase. It's actually quite fitting.

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