Been going through a number of S5 episodes of late. This "mature" subject episode for its time with the theme of syphillis transmission almost seems quaint today. When I first saw the episode I didn't recognize Mary Frann from "Newhart" at all as the overly loyal secretary. But I did recognize what has to be the most unusual guest in a Five-O episode, as the campaign manager, Jay Stewart who was Monty Hall's sidekick and announcer for fifteen years on "Let's Make A Deal" in its classic period. This was his only professional acting credit. "Let's Make A Deal" aired on ABC in this era so it wasn't a network tie-in of any kind. As a game show buff it'd be interesting to know how that appearance came about.

Al Michaels' appearance in a Season 2 episode as a lawyer is also kind of odd to see but it's understandable given he was the AAA Hawaii baseball announcer at the time.