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Thread: Horoscope for Murder (S11E02) - help!!

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    This is not a particularly good episode. I just finished re-viewing it. There is something very screwy about the way that Rick Makulu's (Kimo Kahoano) astrological information gets mixed up or exchanged with that of a "client" of Mel Burgess (Tab Hunter), which may actually be that of Burgess himself.

    Check out my anguished re-view and let me know what you think ... perhaps something was cut out of the show?

    If you can enlighten me as to what is wrong, please type v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y ... after all, it took me a long time to figure out the insurance scam in A Thousand Pardons!

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    Lol Mike, the insurance scam in “A Thousand Pardons” is pretty straight forward.

    It’s the finance-themed stuff in episodes like “Percentage” or “The Odd Lot Caper” or “The Finishing Touch” that gives me a headache. Once I get through the episode and it all finally makes sense (or at least mostly makes sense) if you were to then ask me the following day to explain it to you then I’d have to watch it again. Some things my brain can only retain for a very short period of time. VERY short!

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen “Horoscope”. I never liked it. I’ll see if I can get to it.

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    Ringfire, I agree with you about those financial episodes, they are a PITA! I was able to figure out Finishing Touch, though I had some help. In that show, there is mention of a "sister bond," which is something that doesn't exist in real life at all, it was just made up by the writer of the episode.

    There is an episode where I am conflicted: 6,000 Deadly Tickets. This episode is written around a method of distribution for airline tickets which no longer exists. As far as I can determine, the blank tickets were sent to travel agencies in bulk by some (federal?) agency and they would have to store the tickets they weren't going to be selling for a while in a safety deposit box or whatever. If you had access to these tickets, and you were someone who worked for a travel agency who was authorized to sell them, you could take the blank tickets and sell trips to people and charge them peanuts and pocket the money yourself. Or that is what I think the episode (which I have not written up yet) is about.

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    As far as airline tickets, I believe the issuing agency is IATA (International Air Transport Association). They've been described as a cartel and that's not far from the truth. When I worked for a travel agency when I first joined the Alaska Air National Guard, I realized super fast how cut-throat the airline industry is. They hated paying commissions and why there are all these rules when buying cheap tickets.

    Anyway, Wikipedia has an article on IATA: and it's probably more than you want to know.

    To answer the first question as far as the switch in Horoscope for Murder...I have no idea without watching.

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    OK, I've rewatched Horoscope. I will attempt to type this out very head is about to explode! (and I'm tired to boot, so I hope this makes sense) I'm trying to focus on the card switching, rather than everything else.

    So, in the course of the episode, Mel visits Agnes at her house and hands over the "client's" information. This is right after Cindy (Kerry Sherman) gave Agnes her boyfriend's information (the card we see flashed onto the screen on Rick Makulu (played by Kimo Kahoano), a Pisces born March 18). Now, Mel picks up this card but Agnes takes it back from him. This is after she writes down the information on the Scorpio client.

    When she runs the charts later, Agnes runs it on the Scorpio, claiming it is Rick Makulu. McGarrett has it right, Agnes is a "ding-a-ling" because I thought at first she mixed up the cards. But she later says her secretary mixed up the cards. Now there was a point that once Mel left the house, Agnes gave the cards to her secretary to type and file, so this is a logical conclusion (something this episode is sorely lacking).

    Watch the part where she initially talks to Mel at the planetarium. This is where Agnes tells Mel her secretary probably switched the cards. And in yet another twist, Agnes surmises the killer broke into her house (which he did) and switched the cards. The giveaway is that Mel knew about Rick's temper (like the other victims) due to "Mars squared Uranus." This means Mel had to run Rick's chart but the only way he could have done that was from memory so Mel must have a photographic memory! (which is never mentioned).

    Apparently Mel put Rick's name on his own information but this makes zero sense because Agnes glimpsed Rick's information. Now it's possible she didn't notice the switch because of 1) she was so into running the chart and couldn't see the forest for the trees (or if the obvious were a snake it would have bit her) and 2) she didn't make a mental note of Rick's information on the initial glance.

    After that, this ending completely sucks! It's beyond stupid. Agh!!! McGarrett doesn't believe in astrology, yet he spews all this crap at Mel who's holding Agnes on the planetarium catwalk with Danno just standing there to get the weapon (an "Arkansas toothpick") and arrest Mel!

    The other aggravating part of this episode is the number of victims. McGarrett has the charts on his office cork board, but we only see four charts. At this point, there were five victims (Danno even says so in Rick's apartment after they find him dead). There is at least one other reference to four victims by Agnes after the lifeguard is killed (victim #5) on Sandy Beach.

    I hope I'm clear as mud.

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    Ringfire, I watched Percentage and wrote it up:

    This show is a piece of cake and makes sense, even though it is convoluted, complicated, etc., etc.

    On the other hand, The Odd Lot Caper is total insanity, I don't understand it at all. I think I should let this friend of mine who is an expert on the stock market watch it. I am gonna post a lot of questions about this episode in a new thread...

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    I would have to watch this episode again and then read your review. I’ll get around to it.

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