I found this movie at IMDb when I was looking for something else. It is not the Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman movie of the same name, which dates from 1995. In fact, if you look up this 1979 film at IMDb, there are almost 1700 reviews, which is ridiculous for this "cult" movie. This is because Amazon has merged reviews from the Pitt movie with those of the earlier one, duh! In fact, I think >all< of the reviews may be from the Pitt movie (I don't have time to scroll through every one).

Anyway, here is the plot from this 1979 film:

In sun-drenched Hawaii, a dynamic criminal organization run by seven ruthless professional kingpins intends to liquidate its political leaders, and when they fulfill their plans, take over the 50th State and pillage the land. Although this may be true, the government will soon retaliate by summoning the unconventional special agent Drew Sevano, who, in turn, assembles an invincible and well-equipped army of six other deadly agents; all assigned will their target of choice. But things are looking bleak and the mandatory half-hour time frame for the completion of the operation is already tight. Will Sevano's Seven succeed?

The "unconventional special agent Drew Sevano" is played by William Smith. You have to wonder if he was moonlighting while filming H50's final season?

The trailer is available at YouTube, and so is a version of the complete film with Castellano dialog. Among its relatively large cast, It stars Kwan Hi Lim and Seth Sakai. It's available from Kino Lorber on both DVD and Blu Ray!