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Thread: Attributes of a really bad guy

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    Typically when McGarrett is talking about some gangster or really bad guy, he always has a list of the things that guy has engaged in. For example:

    "Blackmail, protection, prostitution, kidnapping, and murder"

    Can you think of more things to add to this list?

    Ironically, the list above is not from McGarrett, it was the things that Chris Vashon accused his father of doing!

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    I think McGarrett accused a guy of smuggling. I think the first instance was all the way back in Season 1 with "Face of the Dragon". Truly ahead of its time, they were discussing human trafficking, a major problem today!

    I also remember several instances to "syndicate ties".

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    Narcotics, extortion, racketeering were all mentioned more than a few times.

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