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Thread: "The Ransom" was paid 50 years ago

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    Happy Anniversary to S03E06, "The Ransom"!

    Another kidnapping case and this time, the bank tipped off McGarrett and Five-O. The culprits are Obie (Andrew Duggan), Roy (Ron Hayes) and Earl (Peter Bonerz) who leave a lot to be desired. Obie is the brains who has designed their plan perfectly except for McGarrett's involvement. When the first money drop goes haywire at Sea Life Park, Kono winds up as prisoner to the kidnappers but the kid Timmy Blake is returned safe to his father (Lloyd Gough).

    The father is far more cooperative than the father in S02E12 "The Devil and Mr. Frog". However there are lots of parallels between the two episodes. Mr. Mike has an excellent review here:

    A second money drop is arranged for Kono's return but that goes haywire too with Obie being shot dead by Danno. Fortunately, McGarrett knows where the other two are holed up due to a phone tracing operation by Chin Ho and the phone company. In the end, Kono is rescued and all is well.

    I'm going to say it again, not one of my favorites but it's a good episode. It gives us insight into how tight the team is. McGarrett vows vengeance if Kono isn't returned to them safe and sound. I also like that the father is much more cooperative with Five-O than the other father in "The Devil and Mr. Frog". I thought it was cool he offered the $250,000 to pay Kono's ransom. I don't know if that would necessarily happen in real-life but I like the sentiment.

    Roy and Earl come across as more Tweeddle-Dee and Tweddle-Dumb but they're the muscle. I also crack up every time when Danno and Chin Ho go check out the bunker. Notice what they're wearing *before* they kick in the door versus after they're inside. It's magic! This is also another episode to recommend to someone who is new to Five-O.

    Happy 50th "The Ransom"!!

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    Got to admit it was just a little jarring to see Jerry Robinson of the Bob Newhart Show in this kind of role!

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