Recently some weird things have been going on with my H50 website.

A while ago, an entire page of reviews "disappeared" and a couple of days ago the entire site followed suit.

These things didn't get deleted (and whatever happened was not done by me, unless I was doing the web equivalent of sleepwalking) -- they just got moved to some other location in the website structure. I was able to fix both these problems because I have tons of backups and was later able to track down where those things ended up.

I have investigated what happened and will probably be taking action to move the H50 site somewhere else in the near future from its current hosting location.

In the meantime, if you find something on my site doesn't work, please let me know immediately. You can do this through the e-mail address on the main H50 page. Of course, if that page isn't there, that is a problem, so you can contact me through the main page on all of my WWW sites which is ... assuming it is still there, of course.

Or just post here!