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    I found a copy of a script for this show which I have posted on my site. Links to it are at the end of the review:

    The script is very much different than the final product!

    Even after many years, no one has explained to me why this show was missing from syndication packages way back when and had a certain "mystique" about it (as per a section of my review):

    For some inexplicable reason, this show was like a "lost episode" when Five-O was shown in the 1990s. It was almost as legendary as "Bored She Hung Herself," the infamous banned episode from the second season. Information about "Six Kilos" was so hard to come by, Karen Rhodes' Booking Five-O doesn't even have a complete cast list for the show.

    I recall that "Six Kilos" was not available in the major syndication package for the show. When Five-O was broadcast on KVOS-TV in Bellingham, WA (the station where I watched most of the episodes) it was skipped during the first showing of the first season that I saw. After the series finished (it did not go to the final two seasons), they started broadcasting again from the beginning. The series was about to be terminated at the end of the first season of this second go-around, and at the very end, "Six Kilos" was unexpectedly shown, and luckily I had my VCR running. I also got a dub of the show later which originated with KICU San Jose, which was shown around the same time.

    In a 1996 Usenet posting in the group, Karen Rhodes wrote that Six Kilos "has, until very recently, not been shown in US syndication, though it has been shown overseas for quite some time (my own copy of it is in German). I think there was some kind of contractual dispute associated with it that precluded its being shown in the US. Apparently that has been cleared up now, or maybe there was a time limit on it. Don't know for sure. But apparently 'Six Kilos' isn't 'lost' anymore."

    The quality of the print of "Six Kilos" in the DVD box set is different than the other shows, as if it it wasn't remastered to the same extent, or maybe an original print of this show did not exist. Overall, it has a washed-out quality to it. The direction by Seymour Robbie is also kind of different compared to other episodes, even those which he did in the first season: "The Box," "Up Tight" and "By the Numbers."

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    Fox35 in Orlando aired the entire syndication package of H5O episodes all through the late 80s and 90s into 2002, but never once aired “Six Kilos” even though they cycled through the episodes a dozen times each or more (they occasionally ran it twice per day). Odd that they were never offered “Six Kilo” but other stations were in that era.

    For a time, they skipped “A Killer Grows Wings” each cycle, instead airing “Capsule Kidnapping” twice in a row due to a dubbing error at the station. I called and emailed each time until they finally got around to fixing the error. So that particular episode was elusive to me as well in the pre-DVD, VHS-recording era.

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