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    Fifty years ago tonight, "The Late John Louisiana" aired.

    Sorry, I'm late - lots going on today. However, it won't stop the shameless plug of Mr. Mike's excellent review:

    The episode follows Nick Pierson (Don Stroud) and Julie Grant (Marianne McAndrew) after they pose as "Mr. and Mrs. Hollander" on Maui. Julie was a witness to the murder of John Louisiana (Walter P. Young, Sr.) after he won big in Harry Quon's (Alfred Ryder) back room gambling den. (Mr. Mike's words, not mine).

    Things start going sideways for the couple when one of Quon's thugs arrives on Maui. He stumbles upon the "Hollander" residence by following Nick. But Nick takes care of him by shooting and buries Tigner (John LaBrecque) in the front yard. The other thug is Charlie Cayliss (Al Harrington in one of his heavy roles) who plays a big part in the episode. One way he plays a big part, he kills Nicky at the end after meeting his own end in a shootout between the pair.

    Five-O is busy in the episode from traveling to Maui more than once, questioning the Hollander's neighbor Mrs. Pruitt. She was played by Hilo Hattie who was a big personality in Hawaii even before Five-O. They also track down to Julie and poor Danno is hit over the head by Nick in a brazen escape from HPD!

    In the end, Julie faces the music and tells McGarrett she will testify against Quon.

    This is one of those episodes that can be considered the epitome of the series and one that's a good place to introduce someone to Five-O. It has very few flaws but you have to wonder why McGarrett would drag along Quon in trying to catch up with Julie and Nick.

    I remember when this show aired on MeTV in 2017 and I was struck about how good the series could be. There's suspense, intrigue and a hitman with a soft spot for his quarry. It's why Julie is still alive: Nick was supposed to take her out but instead fell in love with her. I believe Mr. Mike is correct when he says they are perhaps the most in love couple in the entire series run.

    Happy 50th The Late John Louisiana!

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    "Charlie Cayliss" is really a terrible name to have come up with, because it's much too close to impressionist/comedian Charlie Callas for my taste.

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    Here's my writeup on The Late John Louisiana from last year, and some subsequent discussion from others:

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