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    Some years ago, when the original Five-O was still in rerun syndication, I saw an episode where a couple of hoods walk into a business establishment, I think to threaten the owner, who might have been an accomplice or a witness to a crime. There may have been some dialogue, but what I remember is a brilliant sequence of images: the hoods brandishing a weapon, the terrified look on the owner's face, a shade coming down in the window which said "closed," then the familiar crashing wave clip indicating a commercial break. Does anybody know which episode this was? It doesn't seem to be on the DVD sets for seasons 1-5, so I assume it's sometime in the 6th season (1973-74) or later.

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    It sounds like the beginning of S05E21 "Percentage". There's a turf war going on concerning gambling junkets. However, the commercial wave isn't for some time.

    What I did notice when Five-O aired on MeTV Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 is that the wave showed up in some surprising places due to time constraints (there's more ads now vs. what was on in the 1970s).

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    Come to think of it, that was a common phenomenon with syndicated shows back in the 80s too. The local stations would often chop things up in odd ways to accommodate their own commercial structure. Sometimes whole scenes would even get left on the cutting room floor, if their absence didn't undermine the plot.

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    The sequence mentioned above is definitely from Percentage. One of the hoods is played by Edward Shonk, who bears a resemblance to Wolfman Jack.

    If you want to read about how badly episodes can be chopped up, check out this link, which is about 20 years old:

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