This contains the famed "called shot" sequence [????] where a gunman [Sam Elliott], hiding underneath a boat, takes a shot at McGarrett. McGarrett gets to cover, announces loudly that he will fire "one shot, over your head, one time!" and does so, scaring the gunman into surrender.


What the heck is the person who posted this talking about? Is this really "famed"?

There are quite a few "goofs" at IMDb, actually ... not that I should complain too much. In re-viewing episodes (my current project), I have found lots of mistakes in my own reviews dating back years. No one has ever mentioned these to me! This means either people don't want to do this, thinking I really know something about these shows ... or maybe no one really cares, LOL!

This show, The Two-Faced Corpse, gave me a lot of brain damage, by the way ... but I finally figured it out.