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Thread: Sleaziest Lawyer

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    I think the sleaziest lawyer in Classic H50 was Tosaki, played by Kwan Hi Lim. In S04E18, Skinhead, he hassled the rape victim, bringing up the fact that she had sex with other men before she was raped, including with her boyfriend, who is present in the courtroom. The judge, played by Yankee Chang, warns Tosaki that he is "on thin ice."

    This character also appeared during the Vashon episodes where he was a "fixer," sort of like Rudy Giuliani.

    Ironically, Kwan Hi Lim was a judge (and presumably a lawyer) in real life. At the 1996 Five-O convention, James MacArthur said, "Kwan Hi Lim is a saint, he was the lawyer for my second divorce."

    The reboot of H50 had an actor playing oily lawyers as well. In S01E16, E Malama (To Protect) one such lawyer was played by Michael Green, a real defense lawyer in Honolulu who described himself in a video on his WWW site as "dedicated" and "aggressive." Green also appeared as a different, but recurring, character in S03E08, Wahine'inoloa and S04E15, Wahine'inoloa.

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    I don't know if anyone can top Tosaki but I can think of at least one. That's a cool little fact you shared too Mr. Mike.

    Richard Fairbirne (Dewey Martin) in S03E07 "Force Of Waves". I consider him sleazy (don't know if he qualifies) because he's after his fees to the detriment of everything else. He also gives Five-O, particularly Danno, a lot of mouth up to and including the point he was arrested.

    Looking over the index of Season 3 on Mr. Mike's page, there are a few others.

    S03E04 "Time And Memories" has Arthur Dixon (Martin Sheen) who killed his boss because he was against Arthur marrying his daughter Joan (Kathy Cannon). Fun fact: This was round two of Sheen playing a sleazy lawyer. The first one was in S02E20 "Cry, Lie" as Eddie Calhao who tried (and ultimately failed) to set up Chin Ho.

    S03E14 "The Double Wall" sees William Schallert as Craig Wilkie who sets up his own client Harry Kellam (Monte Markham) to take the fall for murdering his partner, Tom Chaney.

    Finally, there's Henry Lockman (Gary Collins) in an episode I hate: S03E21 "Dear Enemy". Another lawyer who set up his client to take the fall for murder. He later tries to kill the wife who never stopped believing in her husband's innocence.

    Who else is there?

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