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Thread: Hal Holbrook has passed away

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    Hal Holbrook has passed away at the age of 95. Because of his lengthy career, you figure he would have been on Classic H50, but he was not. He was on the "reboot" (S07E22). To quote from my review:

    This was pretty much a "meh" episode, which I think broke a record for the oldest actor to yet guest-star on the show: Hal Holbrook, born February 17, 1925 (92 years old). Holbrook's appearance at the beginning of the show, around a minute long, was also probably one of the shortest for a guest star, since his character was almost immediately knocked off. He did appear briefly later for about 17 seconds during a documentary which McGarrett viewed that revealed some interesting facts about how his [McGarrett's] grandfather was a hero at Pearl Harbor.

    Holbrook's character, Leonard Patterson, also a Pearl Harbor veteran, is killed when an SUV full of bad guys T-bones the car his Trump-daughter-resembling granddaughter Amanda (Lexi Atkins) is using to chauffeur him to and from an ice-cream parlor. When McGarrett talks to her after the crash, Amanda does not seem as upset as we might expect.

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    Hal Holbrook was great in Magnum Force, Capricorn One, and The Star Chamber.

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    Hal Holbrook was good in anything he was in. I liked him a lot. I read on Wikipedia that he was buried beside his third wife, Dixie Carter, in her hometown of McLemoresville, Tennessee.

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