Allergy In A Rain Forest ★★★★

Psycho killer Marcus Lucien (William Watson) escapes from the transport van on his way to prison. Not only does he shoot the three guards dead, but he eats their corpses. Quickly summoned to pursue him, McGarrett and Danno are soon on the scene, and Manicote shows up freaking out because his daughter is on a field trip somewhere in the same area. When Lucien lies down in a field of ragweed to avoid the cops, he starts sneezing something fierce. As a result, Manicote is alerted to his presence and he shoots the notorious "butcher" dead. Unfortunately, Manicote is hounded from the Attorney-General's office because the gun he used for this was "borrowed" from the HPD evidence room under suspicious circumstances and his character is never seen on the show again (again). Meanwhile, Manicote's daughter Karen and David, the speechless "nature boy" who helped her after she got lost in the forest, leave Hawaii. On the mainland David founds an organization advocating rights for mute people and Karen goes to law school, becoming Hawaii's first female Attorney-General years later.