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Thread: Silence of the Lambs sequel of sorts on TV?!?

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    CBS churns out law enforcement procedurals in its sleep, all of them hewing to the same template of single-episode crime-solving bound together by superficial ongoing character work and narrative arcs. Picking up where The Silence of the Lambs left off but, in reality, following in the worn-out footsteps of CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS and FBI—to name only a few of its direct antecedents—Clarice (premiering Feb. 11) is as obvious as it is dull. Designed for maximum uninventiveness and lack of surprise, it’s formulaic comfort food that, in almost every respect, fails to satisfy.

    Given the generally conservative nature of CBS, there was never any real hope that showrunners Alex Kurtzman (Transformers) [this guy was one of the trio who created the H50 "reboot" - MQ] and Jenny Lumet might take their crime drama down a Hannibal-like path; Bryan Fuller’s Red Dragon-inspired NBC series remains a brilliant Grand Guignol outlier that pushed just about every imaginable boundary in depicting the psychosexual (and homoerotic) relationship between Mads Mikkelsen’s cannibalistic Hannibal Lecter and Hugh Dancy’s tortured investigator Will Graham. This effort, on the other hand, takes no risks in revisiting Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds) one year after her Silence of the Lambs encounter with Buffalo Bill (Simon Northwood), who’s seen in recurring memory-flashbacks that meticulously recreate the imagery of Jonathan Demme’s Oscar-winning 1991 film.


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    Yes, and CBS has been pushing it hard too. It seems like every other ad they've had on lately is about Clarice.

    It's funny the critic mentions CSI (lasted 15 years), Criminal Minds (lasted 15 years), NCIS (on season 18 currently) and FBI (being the rookie, it's on its third year) seeing that those shows lasted a long time. Of course with the exception of the last example. Point is: something is working especially since all these shows are doing pretty well in syndication (Criminal Minds is on Ion along with the H50 reboot, NCIS is everywhere and CSI has been on and off the air consistently since the original run ended). I don't think FBI has hit syndication yet but it's only a matter of time.

    I would be curious to see how they make the transition from film to television but honestly, not so much so to watch.

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    What about the new EQUALIZER reboot? Apparently it premiered after the Super Bowl. I never even knew this thing was in the works. Came out of nowhere. When I saw that Queen Latifah plays the kick-ass title character I almost gagged.

    What’s wrong with these people? Can’t they leave well enough alone? Edward Woodward set the standard for that character that simply can’t be touched. The big screen remake with Denzel was entertaining enough. I like Denzel, what can I say? But another reboot on TV? And of course it has to be a woman??? Queen Latifah?????? Can this thing seriously last more than 5 episodes?

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    Both Clarice and The Equalizer were being pushed pretty hard on CBS (I watch the local news on the CBS affiliate) and when networks push shows that much, it's a serious red flag for me. Still, people may watch but I'm with you Ringfire, I hope neither show lasts very long. They're both part of the rehashing that has taken over and television can't seem to get out of its rut.

    Is it any wonder that networks like MeTV, Cozi or Decades are succeeding so well? They do have an advantage: their shows are better.

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    Absolutely! If I’m doing something at home and the TV is on in the background you can bet it’s either Me-TV or Cozi or Antenna-TV or Charge-TV. I just can’t stand modern TV or all those reality shows. Uggh! CBS, ABC, or NBC are only on when I need to catch the weather. I don’t even watch World News anymore. It’s all too depressing and too political. Don’t watch Jeopardy anymore either since the passing of Alex Trebek.

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