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Thread: Hawaii Five-O Marathon now airing on Decades channel

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    Decades TV, the digital sub-net owned by the Me-TV folks, is airing a classic H5O marathon all weekend, airing the first 42 hours of the series. It runs until early Monday AM, started at 10AM MST this morning.

    They seem to do a marathon of the series every year or so. Episodes appear to be chopped somewhat.

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    Thanks JeffH!! I'll hop on over after my two hours of "Emergency!" on Cozi

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    During the Decades Binge (still ongoing as I reply), they aired the first 42 episodes as in 1-42. (JeffH mentioned this in his post). Still, I found this very disappointing because there was no skipping around. I know when networks usually run marathons they are done in episode order unless there's a specific theme. I just wished they wouldn't of necessarily started with episode number 1 (or in the case of the pilot, episode 0).

    In the case of Five-O and many shows like it, the early episodes set the stage but they only provide part of the story.

    So here's a challenge: you have 42 hours in order to complete a marathon for your station. Which episodes do you air? Of note, there are no restrictions, except for the banned episode "Bored She Hung Herself" (S02E16). Honestly, CBS wouldn't air that again ever, so just skip it. As well, we're not considering the "syndication package" either so the other 277 are game.

    I didn't have a specific theme in my selections. Instead, I tried to mix in those that I like with those that give us a glimpse into our favorite detectives while showcasing the 50th state. Here are mine and your mileage may differ:

    1. "Cocoon, part 1" (Pilot)
    2. "Cocoon, part 2" (Pilot)
    3. "…And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin" (S01E05)
    4. "Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born" (S01E10)
    5. "King Of The Hill" (S01E13)
    6. "The Box" (S01E16)
    7. "Forty Feet High And It Kills!" (S02E03)
    8. "The Singapore File" (S02E09)
    9. "All The King's Horses" (S02E10)
    10. "Cry, Lie" (S02E20)
    11. "Trouble In Mind" (S03E02)
    12. "Over Fifty? Steal!" (S03E11)
    13. "Beautiful Screamer" (S03E12)
    14. "To Kill Or To Be Killed" (S03E17)
    15. "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave" (S04E01)
    16. "Rest In Peace, Somebody" (S04E10)
    17. "Is This Any Way To Run A Paradise?" (S04E13)
    18. "Pig In A Blanket" (S05E04)
    19. "'V' for Vashon: The Son" (S05E09)
    20. "'V' for Vashon: The Father" (S05E10)
    21. "'V' for Vashon: The Patriarch" (S05E11)
    22. "I'm A Family Crook – Don't Shoot!" (S05E13)
    23. "Engaged To Be Buried" (S05E22)
    24. "Hookman" (S06E01)
    25. "Draw Me A Killer" (S06E02)
    26. "The Banzai Pipeline" (S06E16)
    27. "The Young Assassins" (S07E01)
    28. "I'll Kill 'Em Again" (S07E03)
    29. "We Hang Our Own" (S07E07)
    30. "How To Steal A Masterpiece" (S07E09)
    31. "Target? The Lady" (S08E04)
    32. "Retire In Sunny Hawaii … Forever" (S08E09)
    33. "Wooden Model Of A Rat" (S08E14)
    34. "Double Exposure" (S09E09)
    35. "The Bell Tolls At Noon" (S09E12)
    36. "Man In A Steel Frame" (S09E13)
    37. "The Descent Of the Torches" (S10E05)
    38. "A Death In The Family" (S10E24)
    39. "Small Potatoes" (S11E05)
    40. "Stringer" (S11E17)
    41. "Who Says Cops Don't Cry" (S12E02)
    42. "The Flight Of The Jewels" (S12E15)

    So what say you?

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    Your list is very good but these crucial episodes are missing:

    A Bullet for McGarrett
    The Ransom
    And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots
    Journey Out of Limbo
    Nightmare in Blue
    Secret Witness
    McGarrett is Missing
    A Capitol Crime
    Target-A Cop
    The Skyline Killer

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    Ok Ringfire, I get what you're saying. What would your list look like?

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    My list would consist of a lot of your episodes plus the ones I picked.

    But I’d really have to think about a full list. Too many good ones to choose from.

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