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Thread: Henry Darrow has passed away

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    Henry Darrow made three appearances on Five-O: S04E02 "No Bottles...No Cans...No People", S08E17 "Loose Ends Get Hit" and S10E03 "The Cop On The Cover".

    I remember him for his various 1980s guest appearances on Universal produced shows such as "Magnum, P.I." and "Knight Rider". But he's probably most famous for his role as Manolito Montoya on "The High Chaparral".

    The article I came across today is here:

    Darrow definitely made an impression in his three Five-O appearances, especially the first (No Bottles...) of Johnny Oporta who was trying to get in on the good side of mainland mob. He had high aspirations as one of the creepy bad guys who decided it was best to incinerate the people who got in his way.

    During his second appearance (Loose Ends Get Hit), he finally turns evidence against his boss Kum Chi (Jimmy Borges). But it takes his car being blown to smithereens for him to stop playing games and testify. Finally, he's the father of a pair of kidnapped kids in "The Cop On The Cover" but there's more going on than meets the eye.

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    RIP Johnny Oporta. One of my favorite baddies on the show!

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    No Bottles is my favorite of his guest appearances. He also starred in season one of Harry O.

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    Darrow was excellent as Billy Madrid in Loose Ends Get Hit. You didn't know if he would admit to Kum Chi's guilt at the trial. Good solid actor with longevity. Also in No Bottles...No Cans...No People... RIP

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