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Thread: Yaphet Kotto, from episode "King of the Hill", passed away today at 81

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    He played Lieutenant Corporal John Austin in "King of The Hill", which aired in January 1969.

    Kotto was only 29 at the time of filming.

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    One of my favorite Bond villains from one of my favorite Bond films - Live and Let Die!

    His turn on Five-O was Emmy worthy. Gut-wrenching performance!

    Loved him also in Midnight Run! Classic character as Agent Alonzo Moseley. One of the most underrated action comedies from the 80s! Such a quotable film!

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    He gave a great performance in "King of the Hill." May be rest in peace.

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    My all-time favorite Yaphet Kotto appearance was the wonderful Christmas season episode of "Night Gallery", "The Messiah On Mott Street" with Edward G. Robinson.

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    King Of The Hill is in my Top 10 of Classic Hawaii Five-O episodes. Kotto's performance as LCPL Auston is 1 of my FAV performances of the Series. It's an intelligent and suspenseful episode. Condolences to his family and friends and to his many fans who enjoyed this actors many great acting roles. RIP

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