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Thread: Another guest star passes

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    Jessica Walter, who was the "bereaved" wife in S07E08 The Two-Faced Corpse, has passed away. The episode also gave a guest appearance by a young stud named Sam Elliott.

    The article I found is here:

    She also guested on the Magnum, P.I./Murder, She Wrote crossover "Novel Connection" and "Magnum on Ice". I know the latter episode had Harry Endo as a hotel manager.

    RIP, Ms. Jessica.

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    Terrific presence over the decades. Could easily play vulnerable or villainous in her prime. She won an Emmy for her starring role in the short-lived NBC Mystery Movie show "Amy Prentiss" (an "Ironside" spinoff).

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    Here are some photos of Ms. Jessica through the years:

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    She was on just about every classic cop and detective show from the 70s it seemed like, plus numerous appearances on LOVE BOAT too. Of course, her flair for dry, sarcastic wit was brilliantly showcased on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

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